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EdMar Thread Packet Specials  
These thread packets are great for the beginning stitcher who needs a little help in deciding what colors to put together and also to give the stitcher some of every weight available.

$22.00  Value  Sale $19.75
Each EdMar Thread Sampler Contains:
5 Lola Skeins  and 2 Iris Skeins  in "Flower Colors"
2 Iris in green for your leaves
1 Nova    1 Boucle`    1 Cire`
1 Frost for your "centers"
1 Glory green for your fine growth
1 Package of Japanese Seed Beads
All the sampler packets are color coordinated and include beads.


Make sure you take a look at the new ones at the bottom of the page

Blues, Emerals and Jade EdMar Thread PacketThread Packet 1 Polly's Favorite

EdMar Threads in Brilliant deep blues, Cinnamon, Antique Rose, Emerald and Jade with light yellow for the center of your flowers. Crystal 

TP-01 Polly's Favorite



Blue water colors EdMar Thread PacketThread Packet  2  By The Sea

EdMar Threads in Medium to Light tranquil water colors; medium to light blues with a little of crystal and mint. 
TP-02 By The Sea
It's a Fiesta! EdMar Thread Packet of Orange, yellows and redsThread Packet 3  Fiesta Del Sol

EdMar Threads in 
Bright Sunny Colors. Reds, Oranges & Yellows

TP-03 Fiesta Del Sol

Wintery Colors of EdMar ThreadsThread Packet 4  Winter Dreams

EdMar Threads in Misty Wintry Colors: A mix of shimmery Blues & Whites


Back To Nature EdMar Rayon ThreadThread Packet 5 Back To Nature

EdMar Threads in Earthy Tones of Brown, Topaz & Bronze

TP-05 Back To Nature

Red, White And Blue EdMar Thread PacketThread Packet 6   Independence

EdMar Threads 
Here's To The Red, White & Blue  Plus Ruby, Crystal & Cobalt
TP-06 Independence

Black And White with some gray EdMar Thread PacketThread Packet 7  Field of Zebras

EdMar Threads in Black, White and Some In Betweens

The beads are translucent shades, some crystal, opal and black diamond + a few matt beads

TP-07 Field of Zebras

Valentine's Day EdMar Thread ColorsThread Packet 8  Valentine's

EdMar Threads in Reds, Pinks & Whites  with some ruby, Crystal & Rose

TP-08 Valentine's

Purple Garden Flower Colors of EdMar Rayon FlossThread Packet 9 
Iris Garden

EdMar Threads in The traditional color of Irises, Amethyst & Purple. And of course the yellow for the centers.

TP-09 Iris Garden

EdMar Thread Packet of Pastel colorsThread Packet 10   Pastels

EdMar Threads in The soft shades of wedding & baby showers. Soft pearly colors

TP-10 Pastels

Pastel Bridal Color EdMar ThreadsThread Packet 11  Bridal

EdMar Threads in White, Crystal and the Whisper colors.

TP-11 Bridal

Basic Black EdMar Thread PacketThread Packet 12  Basic Black
EdMar Threads in Black, Black Diamond, Gray & Gunmetal 
with a creamy color to blend  
TP-12 Basic Black
Jewel Tone Edmar Rayon FlossThread Packet 13    Jewel Tones

EdMar Threads in Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald & More
TP-13 Jewel Tones

Metalic Medley EdMar Thread PacketThread Packet 14    Metallic

EdMar Threads in Colors that blend with the beads of Silver, Bronze Gold and Matte Black
TP-14 Metallic

EdMar Threads - Not just Blues but a blending with the Blues and the Deep Dark shades of SapphireThread Packet 15  The "Blues"

EdMar Threads   Not just Blues but a blending with the Blues and the Deep Dark shades of Sapphire

TP-15 The Blues

EdMar Threads in Brilliant Deep Blues and Greens With Emerald, Dark Sapphire & Crystal.Thread Packet 16  Matt's Favorite

EdMar Threads in Brilliant Deep Blues and Greens With Emerald, Dark Sapphire & Crystal. The beads are all matt colored

TP-16 Matt's Favorite

EdMar Threads in Shades of Emerald, Topaz, Green & GoldThread Packet 17    Autumn

EdMar Threads in Shades of Emerald, Topaz, Green & Gold
TP-17 Autumn

EdMar Threads in Peach and peachy colorsThread Packet 18 Just Peachy


EdMar Threads in Peach and peachy colors

TP-18 Just Peachy

The Passion of Purple EdMar Rayon ThreadThread Packet 19   Purple Passion


EdMar Threads in Purple and Blending colors
TP-19 Purple Passion

Pink colors of EdMar Rayon ThreadThread Packet 20 Tickled Pink


EdMar Threads in Pinks of Every Flavor 
TP-20 Tickled Pink

EdMar Rayon Floss PacketThread Packet 21 Color Box


EdMar Threads in True Color Box Colors
TP-21 Color Box

Variegated Colors of EdMar Rayon ThreadThread Packet 22  Very Variegated


EdMar Threads in All Variegated colors in this group
TP-22 Very Variegated

Tulip Colors of EdMar Rayon ThreadThread Packet 23 Dutch Treat


EdMar Threads in Tulip Garden Colors
TP-23 Dutch Treat

Victorian Colors of EdMar ThreadsThread Packet 24    Victoria

EdMar Threads in Victorian Colors

Dusty Shades of  Pinks, Blue, purples, cream/peach and a yellow for your centers and greens to match.   Pearls and Beads 

TP-24 Victoria

Click on the pictures for a larger view.
Fruit Salad Colors of EdMar Rayon ThreadThread Packet 25
"Fruit Salad"
EdMar threads in Fruity colors. Apples, Peaches, Grapes, Raspberries, Strawberries, Oranges, Blueberries, Plums, Cherries, Lemons, Limes.
TP-25 "Fruit Salad"

EdMar Thread Packet In Brown TonesThread Packet 26
EdMar threads that are collected in remembrance of brownies and more brownies! Blonde Brownies, Double Chocolate brownies, Brownies with yummy buttercream frosting and sprinkles.
 TP-26 "Brownies"

EdMar Floss Packet in Green ColorsThread Packet 27
EdMar thread packet that started out as a grouping of green colors but I was reminded to give the picked beets and the bread and butter pickles their place in this grouping.
 TP-27 "Pickles"

Thread Packet 28 "Spring"
 EdMar thread packet #28 "Spring" 
Greens & Yellows  These are the colors that first come out after the long winter.  The grass starts to turn green, the little leaf buds on the trees start showing up and an the tulips and hyacinth start to peak out.
TP 28   $19.75
Thread Packet  "Mint Julep" TP 29
EdMar Thread Packet Special Mint Julep
Mint Julep

Greens and aquamarine colors with a hint of ice.

TP29   $19.75
"Strawberry Shortcake" TP 30
EdMar Thread Packet Special Strawberry Shorcake

Pinks of every color and whites and creamy colors.

TP 30    $19.75
Miss Lucy TP 31
TP31 $19.75

Jordan's Favorites TP32
 TP32 $19.75





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