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Brazilian Embroidery Threads
100% Rayon Thread adds a satiny, lustrous finish to every stitchery project.  It's washable, colorfast and retains its luster after washing.  Ideal for any stitching project, including other Embroidery projects, Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Smocking and Tassels.  Use it to compliment Ribbon  Embroidery, Hardanger and wearable stitchery. 
We have EVERY EdMar color and weight available.

Fine 2-Ply 21.5 yards (20 meters) per skein.
Cut: 20 lengths to stitch with per skein.

A very fine thread used for the fine growth and dainty flowers.  It is a wonderful thread for adding embellishments to fine garments. 
$2.00 per Skein

Medium 3-Ply 16 yards (15 meters) per skein. 
Cut: 15 lengths to stitch with per skein.

Frost is a medium weight, 2 ply thread that has a tighter twist.  This twist gives the stitches a more defined look.  
$2.00 per Skein

Iris:  Medium 2-Ply 16 yards (15 meters) per skein. 
Cut: 16 lengths to stitch with per skein.
Iris EdMar thread is wonderful for all kinds of needlework.  In Brazilian embroidery, many use Iris for making leaves and daintier flowers.    

$2.00 per Skein





Very Heavy 6-Ply 10.5 yards (10 meters)  per skein.  
Cut: 10 lengths to stitch with per skein.

Nova is a very heavy weight 6 ply thread.  This shiny thick thread adds dimension.  This thread is used mostly for the larger flowers and for padding.    $2.00

Heavy 3-Ply 20.7 yards 
(19 meters) per skein.
Cut - 21 lengths to stitch with per skein.

Lola is a heavy, 3 ply thread.  This thread is used a lot for flowers and some stitchers use Lola for the thicker branches & stems.  Lola is available in all colors.    $2.00


Cire' :  
Medium 3-Ply 10.5 yards 
(10 meters)  per skein. 
Cut: 10 lengths to stitch with p
er skein.

Cire' is pronounced See-Ray.  ( I say Sir Ray) It is a heavy 3 ply thread.  The twists in this thread is slightly looser than Lola.  This gives a satiny finish to your stitching.  Cire' is not currently manufactured in all colors. 

On the thread inventory sheets there is a NA in the slot to signify it is unavailable.   $2.00

  Boucle' : Knotted 4-Ply 10.5 yards (10 meters) per skein. 
Cut:10 lengths to stitch with per skein.

"BooClay" is a knotted 2 ply thread plus 2 more plies that loop in and out of the base causing a nubby effect. This thread gives a wonderful textured dimensional effect.   Many stitchers enjoy using this thread for flowers and for fern-like bushes along with other leaves.  Boucle' looks like it may be hard to use but the rayon in the thread makes it easy to use and satiny in appearance.     $2.00





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